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Constituency Development Fund (CDF) Projects

01 Hammer Mill Mwape Community Mwalala 40,000.00
02 Purchase of two (2) Hammer Meals Tukamona and Kanyenshya women clubs Kamimbya Ward 54,000.00
03 One (1) Hammer mill Muchinda Valley MPCS Chimika Ward K35,000.00
04 Hammer Mill Tubulumo Women Club Chipaba 40,000.00
05 Plough and harrow Liteta Women Club  

Chimika Ward

06 2 heifers + 1 young bull+ Plough+ harrow+ chain Favour Women Club Munda 27,000.00
07 Hammer Mill Tusole Women Club, Chibombo Kamimbya 40,000.00
08 2 heifers + 1 young bull+Plough+ harrow+ chain Kalela Women Club Kamimbya 27,000.00
09 Purchase of 30 Desks Tumbwe School Chipaba 25,000.00
10 Two heifers and one young bull Liteta Women Club Chimika Ward K17,000.00
11 2 heifers + 1 young bull + Plough+ harrow+ chain Changala Women Club Munda 27,000.00
12 Purchase of 20 Desks Chimika School Chimika 25,000.00
13 Hammer Mill Kamuchanga Women Club Ching’ombe 40,000.00
14 One (1) Hammer mill Tumbwe community Chipaba Ward K35,000.00
15 Purchase of 30 Desks Katetaula School Ching’ombe 25,000.00
16 Two (2) heifers + 1 young bull Pamaka Women Club Kamimbya Ward K17,000.00
17 One (1) hammer mill Fitete Women Club Kamimbya Ward K33,000.00
18 Solar Panel Mboroma Police Post Kamimbya Ward K13,000.00
19 Hammer Mill Bwali Women Club Mwalala 40,000.00
20 One (1) hammer mill Mulangila community Katukutu Ward K33, 000.00
01 Borehole drilling and installation Muchinda Community Chimika 40,000.00
02 Borehole drilling and installation Mulembo Community Muswishi 40,000.00
03 Borehole drilling and installation Mulembo School Muswishi 40,000.00
04 Borehole drilling and installation Esaya Community Katukutu 30,000.00
05 Borehole drilling and installation Mayuya Chisenga Community Luambulu 30,000.00
06 Borehole drilling and installation Pontoon Community Luambulu 30,000.00
07 Borehole drilling and installation Tom Village Kamimbya 30,000.00
08 Borehole drilling and installation Kashina Village (Locha) Kamimbya 30,000.00
09 Three (03) boreholes at Kachiba; Katonta; and Pontoon area (Rural Health Centre) Community members Katukutu/Lwambulu and Munda Wards respectively K90,135.00
10 Three (3) boreholes at Katola, Kalemba and Kobololwe Community members Kamimbya Ward K90,135.00
11 One (01) borehole at Kampoyo Kampoyo Community Munda Ward K31, 200.00
12 Borehole drilling and installation Mupundu Community, Masansa Munda 30,000.00
13 Borehole drilling and installation Mabonzo Community Munda 30,000.00
14 Borehole drilling and installation Pepe Community Munda 30,000.00
15 Borehole drilling and installation Musokolobe Community School Katukutu 30,000.00
16 Borehole drilling and installation Sesele Community Munda 30,000.00
01 Completion of Mother’s Shelter Ching’ombe Clinic Ching’ombe 70,000.00
02 Construction of Mother’s Shelter Kaundula RHC Nkomashi 110,000.00
03 Construction of Rural Health Post Kabololwe Community Kamimbya 80,000.00
04 Construction of 1 VIP toilet, Old Mkushi Market Area Old Mkushi Community Kamimbya 30,000.00
05 Construction of 1×3 CRB Twikatane Primary School Munda 60,000.00
06 Construction of 1×3 CRB Mboshya Primary School Chipaba 100,000.00
07 Completion of Mboroma Police Post Muswishi Community Muswishi 100,000.00
08 Construction of Maternity Wing Kapelembe Rural Health Post Katukutu 80,000.00
09 Construction of 1×2 CRB Chitambo Shimoko School Luambulu 60,000.00
10 Construction of a Maternity wing Tuyu Rural Health Post Luambulu 110,000.00
11 Completion of Mboshya Primary School 1×2 CRB Mboshya School Chipaba 4,000.00
12 Completion of a 1×2 CRB at Kanyeshya Primary School Kanyeshya Primary School Kamimbya Ward 64,400.00
13 Construction of two double VIP Toilets at Busa RHC site  

Busa RHC

Munda Ward 39,510.00
14 Completion of Mapapa RHC Mapapa RHC Munda Ward K43, 300.00
15 Construction of two (2) double VIP toilets at Mapapa RHC Mapapa RHC Munda Ward K39, 510.00
16 Completion of Mapapa RHC Staff house Mapapa RHC Munda Ward K100,000.00
17 Construction of a Teachers house at Liteta School and Purchase of a banana boat. 1.       Liteta School

2.       Community members

Chimika Ward K133,000.00 for staff house





K17,500.00 For the banana boat


18 Completion of Mboroma School Mboroma School Muswishi Ward 64,000.00
19 Completion of a 1 x 2 CRB at Mboshya Mboshya School Chipaba Ward 53,230.00
20 Completion of Chitambo Shimoko School Chitambo Shimoko School Luambulu Ward 69,550.00
21 Construction of a Police Post Muswishi community Muswishi Ward
22 Completion of Busa RHC Busa RHC Munda Ward K113,000.00
23 Completion of a maternity wing Mboshya RHC Chipaba Ward K55,000.00




01 Construction of market shelter at Chikupili market Chikupili market Katukutu K238,634.90
02 Construction of check point shelter at Makolongo check point. Makolongo check point Munda K91,333.25
03 Construction of a VIP toilet at council motel Council motel Kamimbya K26,084.40
04 Construction of a solar powered water scheme at the council motel Council motel Kamimbya
05 Rehabilitation of Chembe Rural Health Centre Chembe community Mwalala K11,840.00