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Malaria control in Luano District

Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS)

In order to reduce the spread of Malaria, Luano Public Health team in conjunction with Luano District Health Office took time to conduct spraying of households in the district. The exercise started in November  2020. Indoor Residual Spraying IRS is a high impact intervention in malaria control and therefore contributes to the elimination of malaria as it targets the vectors of malaria by killing mosquitoes that rest on the internal surfaces after a blood meal.

The objective of the exercise is to reduce the density of mosquitoes thereby reducing the number of Malaria cases in the district. IRS provides full mass effect on the vector populations when it is applied at high coverage of at least 85% of all structures in the area being sprayed, all the sprayable surfaces sprayed in the houses and the program done on a regular basis. Luano Town Council therefore urges all members of the public to ensure that their houses ,are sprayed whenever the spray teams pass through in order to reduce malaria transmission in the district.

Figure 1: Mixing of chemicals in preparation for the spraying of households

The Senior Health Inspector advised members of the public to still continue sleeping under an insecticide treated mosquito net even after their houses have been sprayed in order to have an integrated approach. Household owners are also encouraged to ensure that their surroundings are kept clean and free from stagnant water by draining all the pools of water as these are breeding sites for mosquitoes.

Figure 2: Spraying of the household in Old Mkushi, Kamimbya ward

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